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Annie Norris

Annie Norris has been in the industry since 2001, and is loving every single minute of it.


In her career she has so many achievements that’s she proud of. She has had her studio in Hereford, Pure-Studios since 2005, her pole career has spanned over 2 decades and she has had a full wealth of experiences. These include performing, teaching, competing and presenting seminars world wide. Some of her favourite achievements are the UKs first elite champion title, been in the final of IPC in Australia, won instructor or the year, being an Xpole girl and being selected as an Xpert trainer. 


Her main love is coaching. She loves coaching people to find their own unique style and watching their body’s move to help them create and develop their very best movement. Helping people find the neutralitlity and possibly love for their bodies and exploring sensual and sexual movements is her passion. 


In her spare time her and her son Hunter love going about and finding dogs to pet 

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