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Lily & Katharine

Lily  - I started pole dancing at HD&F in 2017, and, already a little addicted, dived deeper into the sport when I headed off to uni in Birmingham.  Some of my best uni memories include my time as comp secretary and president of the pole society. I loved seeing how the sport could bring people together and I particularly enjoy doubles, group routines and working with other people.  I vibe with anything leg grippy and titanic is one of my favourite moves.


In July 2023 I turned up at HD&F a little clueless thinking I'd try something new.  Now they can't get rid of me: it's my happy place and I do as many classes as I can fit in.  I love the expressionism of pole and thinking how to take a story or a theme and communicate that to an audience.  I currently love challenging myself to do 'scary' dynamic moves and I'm hoping to work more on my fluidity.

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