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Bentley Rebel, a dancer, choreographer, actor,
creative director, and pole fitness instructor with
a strong passion for the art of dance. Bentley
was born in New York and specializes in Hip
Hop, African, Dancehall, Heels, Liturgical and
Pole Dancing. Although Bentley faced many
setbacks in life, he did not allow that to stop him
from doing what he loved. Majority of Bentleys
dance journey was self instructed.

Bentley did not allow the fact that he wasn’t able
to go to a school for performing arts or that he
shattered his patella, to hinder his dream even
though doctors told him he’d never be the same.
Bentley said “ the doctors were absolutely
correct. I would never be the same, but I will be
better than before”. Through self-discipline
Bentley landed himself winning a worldwide
dance competition for Nicki Minaj as well as
multiple pole competitions. He also got a chance
to be on national television for “The Jerry
Springer” Show and tv series P-Valley . Bentley
is a strong believer of the motto ”Walk by faith
not by sight".

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