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This floor-based workshop (no pole) serves as an introduction to trendy and popular Frame Up Strip style. Frame Up (FUS) is a fresh heels genre built around a foundation of exploratory movement, intricate technique, and seductive energy originally founded by Anastasia Yurasova 10 years ago, it has since rapidly spread to international acclaim. Frame Up incorporates elements of voguing, commercial heels and contemporary floor. We will be learning some basics of Frame Up technique, followed by several transition flows to warmup, topped with a short choreography. Suitable for those with experience in dancing with heels. The entire class is taught in strip heels (including warm up, commercial heels are welcome but may prove more challenging than long socks), kneepads and water are recommended. This class is suitable for all levels.

Robin Demeye - Introduction to Frame Up - 3pm - 4.15pm

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