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ARTemis Pole Studio

ARTemis Pole Studio believes in the following: be yourself, dream it, work for it, and make it happen because everything is possible.  That is our mantra, and we strongly believe every movement has a story to tell. Sam Fontani is the founder of APS, a small boutique studio both online and in person based in London. Her studio is open to everyone who would like to learn the art of pole dancing in a small and intimate community. Sam brings a unique blend of athleticism and artistry to her practice and teaching. Her love for science is equally matched with her passion for the arts, as she firmly believes that these two attributes should work hand in hand to enhance one's physical and creative abilities. Sam understands that no artist can truly flourish without a strong technical foundation, and she strives to combine the precision of technique with the freedom of self-expression. She is very proud of her students, and her goal is to make them feel proud of themselves for their wins and for overcoming their fears, turning them into strengths.

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