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Pole WKND gives you a wide range of workshops, seminars and showcases. You will never be bored... 

Our workshops are held all under one roof. 
The Cresset, The Bretton Centre, Rightwell E, Peterborough PE3 8DX

All Floor Workshops are £30 and must be booked in advance.  Max 15 in a Class.

You must have purchased a day ticket, to be able to purchase a workshop.
This will be checked upon booking.

Alicia Dominica - Werk The Floor


11.15am - 12.30pm

Alicia will break down a range of floor sequences and techniques for wearing heels. Super useful for travelling between poles or if you don’t have access to a pole. We will Combine these movements and shapes to create a short floor routine. Open to all abilities. Knee pads recommended.

Beanie The Jet - FLOOR: DEVILRY


12.30pm - 1.45pm

This floor-based workshop is perfect for those of you who enjoy dark, devilish movement. We'll start by working through some floor pathways, before you're given prompts to help encourage you to lean into your authentic erotic connect. We'll incorporate underwear play, and there'll be lapdance elements. What to wear:, Lingerie/whatever makes you feel comfortable, Heels (Pleaser or similar) Socks are perfect too, Kneepads/Legwarmers, Extra shirt/T-shirt/Knickers

Rachael Clough - Flow as One


1.45pm - 3pm 

Come learn a floor routine where you can move in harmony with one another and slink around together. We will add in some floor acro which you'll learn the entries and exits along with the way. This is suitable for all levels as we will have regressions and progressions. Knee pads are advised and you can wear heels or bare foot.

Jazz The Poler - Twerk Sum’n (FTC)


1.45pm - 3pm

It’s time to loosen up and free the cheeks! This workshop will consist of short choreo and technique that will be broken down step by step.

Jakub Kolasa - Shadowbanned (Floor Choreo)


3pm - 4.15pm

During this workshop you will learn a filthy low flow / floor routine, no standing up or aerial pole work! We will start off by mastering some impressive floor tricks, which we will later use in a routine so dirty Instagram won't just shadowban us, it'll fully block us and go after our families. Workshop suitable for students of all levels Knee pads necessary, heels advised.

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