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Pole WKND 2024 will be hosted in the vibrant city of Peterborough. This year our event will be held at The Cresset Peterborough.  We will be hosting multiple of showcases over the weekend, with an array of styles. This year we are allowing people to apply to perform on our our epic stage.  Applications will be open for each showcase until 21st December 2023 and anyone can perform. 

Although it is free to apply to perform, if you are successful you will need to have purchased either a full day ticket or a ticket for that show. No entry will be allowed without a ticket. 

To Apply please email the following to 


Stage Name if applicable

Group or Studio name if applicable 


Video Link

Contact Email

Our awesome stage will consist of 4 x 3.2m XPOLES on a truss. 



   10.30am - WE ARE FAMILY Showcase. 
   Do you pole with your mum, dad, daughter, son, any member of
   the  family. Show off your family talent with our
   We are family Showcase. 


  12pm - BE YOURSELF Showcase
  This is your chance to just dance, do you have a special talent on the

  pole, or do you just love to dance, this showcase is perfect for you. 

  Be Loud, Be Proud, & Be Yourself. 



   2pm - Pole Theatre Showcase
   Do you love pole theatre? can you ever choose a category? perform
   either, art, comedy, drama or classique but all just for fun. 




   3.30pm - Groups & Doubles 
   Are you a groups or doubles act who want to perform together.
is your chance.  Max Group 14




   5pm - Studio Showcase
   Want to perform with your studio? Our studio showcase is great
   for  those who want to show off their studio talents. Max group
   of 20. 



  8pm - Filthy Friday Showcase, Presented by Beanie The Jet
  The UK Pole Industry's 1st Diverse + Inclusive Show ALL bodies ✊ 
  This showcase will be arranged and organised by FF and
   Beanie The Jet. 
  Please check out Filthy Friday 



    Showcase guidelines:  
    All performers receive a £10 discount off admission. You cannot share your performer discount.

    Parent/guardian of an under-18 performer qualify for the performer discount.

    Individual showcase tickets are available for all shows. To watch any other shows requires a day tickets.

    Music can be no longer than 4 min


    You can apply to multiple showcases but will only be chosen for one solo show. You may be part of a group        AND also have a solo.

    Remember to  make your video representative of the style you are applying for. If you are applying for                  comedy, make sure your video is funny; if you are applying to classique, make sure your video is classique.
    If applying for showcase your video does not need to be in full costume, but must show your studios style. 


    You don’t have to be a certain size, skill level, ethnicity or gender to perform in any showcase.
    Apply for the showcase you WANT to perform in.

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