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Sam Fontan

Sam is a pole coach, performer, and owner of Artemis Pole Studio in London. She is a firm believer in pole dancing as a pure art form to be embraced: regardless of the difficulty of the tricks, the most important thing is what you transmit through your body. She had a significant shoulder injury in 2022 while training for a competition that required a 12-month rehabilitation period. During her rehab, she concentrated on recovery and movement exploration, developing her unique pole style. Her goal was to get back on stage, which she accomplished at the Elite Pole Championships 23, when she placed 3rd in her division. She has performed in several places throughout Europe, including Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, as a solo performer as well as a pole artist in a dance company that dances on a 6 metre high pole with other 6 outstanding dancers. She was recently a guest on Dolly Daggerz's podcast "Pole Pod," where she told the story of her resilience during shoulder recovery.

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