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Our 2024 event will be hosting numerous of FREE seminars and workshops, included within your day ticket. 

We will be having selected guest speakers, however if you have a subject you are passionate about and would like to host a 45min seminar then you can apply. Please apply to
If your application is successful, you must have a full day ticket, these will be discounted for any speakers. 

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10am - 11.30am - STUDIO OWNERS SUMMIT
Are you a studio owner and would love to catch up with other owners?

Lead by Stacey Snedden, come and ask questions, chat about how to
resolve issues and generally catch up with like minded people.  You
MUST already be a studio owner to join the meeting.


10am - 4pm - FREE SEMINARS 
The weekend will include some free seminars, seminars are great to gain more information about the industry and any topic you feel could be useful to you. 

10am - 6.30pm - FREE Workshops 

Our free workshops will be announced by December 2023, these can be booked along side your day ticket. 

Vanessa Bagge - XPERT Flex Flow


10.15am - 11.15am  

Join Vanessa in a morning stretch and flex class. Ease yourself into the busy day. XPERT Fitness is a leading teacher training, their flexibility flow class is a popular class within studios across the world. Working on mobility and movement. 

Chloe Anderson - Dynamic Floor flow


11.15am - 12.15PM

Join Chloe for this 60 minute class of her favorite floor tricks and transitions, learn a selection of combos and transitions to inspire you for your choreo between poles!

Ethical Stripper Floorwork 


12.30pm - 1.30pm

Info TBC

Jade Bensilum - Queen Of Flow


1.45PM - 2.45PM  

Most known for my expressive dance style while on stage, Jade will teach you a choreographed floor piece in this workshop. This will enable you to truly let go and dance your heart out. Prerequisites: none but knee pads are essential Level: all levels

Bexiita - Floorsome


3pm - 4pm   

Want to roll around on the floor with me whilst being blasted with my best confidence and empowerment tricks? Join me for my FLOORSOME choreo class! This is an opportunity to explore the more sexy side of pole, in a safe and supportive environment. We will be learning a completely floor based routine incorporating heel bangs, clacks, leg loops, floor transitions and all that good wholesome Floorsome stuff. Suitable for ALL levels, from complete beginners to experienced dancers. NO experience necessary. You don’t even need to be able to stand in heels! You can wear whatever you want - go full on sex deity in your best strappy pole gear, or bring your comfy onesie. It’s all about feeling comfortable and bringing out your inner confidence. Bring your heels, knee pads, and your best “I’m a bad bitch“ energy!

Jazz The Poler - Twerk Sum'n


4.15pm - 5.15pm

It’s time to loosen up and free the cheeks! This workshop will consist of short choreo and technique that will be broken down step by step.

Annie Norris - Stripper Slink


5.30PM - 6.30PM  

This floor work based workshop will take you back to the old school stripper style vibe. You will learn the art of eye contact, hand placement and how to tantalise your audience by oozing your inner stripper. The choreography will be simplistic to help you focus on feeling sexy and sensual. The class focuses on slow movements, really enhancing each to be the very best it can be. You will come away from this class feeling in touch with yourself, your body, feeling confident and in control. All Levels Welcome. Please wear kneepads and either pole heels or socks.

Studio Owner Meet


10.15am - 11.15am  

Are you a studio owner and would love to catch up with other owners? come and ask questions, chat about how to resolve issues and generally catch up with like minded people.  You
MUST already be a studio owner to join the meeting.

Annie Norris - Sensuality to self belief - how sexy movement creates confidence


11.45am - 12.PM

Do you often watch dancers slink and slide around on the floor full of confidence and wish you could do the same, or feel like they do? Come to my seminar and find out how you can build you confidence through sensual movement.

Jade Bensilum - The Competition Guru'


12.15pm - 1.30pm

Info TBC

Lottie Adore - Pole Journaling 101: Flow from Pole to Paper with Lottie ‘Adore’ Sanders


1.45PM - 2.30PM  

Want to take your pole game to the next level, but you’re already training as many hours as you can spare? Are you struggling to find some semblance of order amongst the chaos that is your mental list of dream moves? Do you want to provide robust, effective lesson plans for your students, and don’t know what more you could be doing? Maybe you just need some inspiration to revitalise your Instagram game. Whatever it is - ‘Pole Journaling 101: Flow from Pole to Paper’ is for you.

The Ethical Stripper 


2.30PM - 3.45PM  


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